Exercise To Lose Weight Fast?

Many folks are still confused about whether using exercise to lose weight fast or finding a different solution that can really work for them.

If that's your case, and you've been trying desperately to get in shape for quite a while with no apparent results, the next logical step would be to take a big breath and filter critically all the benevolent advice received from your spinning class instructor.

It's important to mention that rapid weight loss can be sustained only by obese or grossly overweight individuals who ironically are not conditioned enough to use exercise for creating a tremendous calorie deficit – not that physical activity per se burns an enormous amount of energy anyway.

Also, for the same reason, their post exercise calorie consumption is close to nil.

So yes, I'll use the same stereotype that is still overlooked by so many fitness aficionados: don't use exercise to lose weight fast because its real value is just to keep your lean mass while cutting on calories. 

For morbidly obese people it doesn't really make that much of a difference because, even without moving their ass around, they lose primarily the lean body mass (connective tissue) that was supporting the increased weight.

But if they shouldn't use exercise to lose weight fast, it doesn't mean that they should sit all day, moody, and blaming the others for their lack of fortune.

Obese or not, you should get accustomed with the barbells and dumbbells right away because the neuromuscular system needs a while to learn any new movement pattern, and knowing how to train properly will be needed soon – assuming that you keep an eye on your diet, of course.

Of more importance is that training with weights is very helpful in alleviating insulin resistance associated with obesity, which will hasten your progress and improve overall health.

As it turns out, training the whole body may be the best choice because glucose transport and glycogen synthesis occur only in the muscles trained, and therefore incoming carbohydrates will be stored at an increased rate.

If you have some experience in lifting iron, you may think that full body workouts are old-fashioned or for novices, and you know better.

But whatever you know better, I hope you realize that adding more strenuous exercise to what is needed to keep your muscles from falling off is a recipe for disaster when calorie intake is limited to a minimum.

How do you think your body would adapt to a larger stimulus when its available resources are so scarce?

As you keep losing weight, monitoring your body composition becomes more and more important. And besides the mirror, a good way to know for sure that you don't waste a significant amount of lean muscle is to track consistently your strength.

So write down your workout performance for the main compound exercises such as deadlift, squat and bench press.

Contrary to popular belief, using low repetitions is not necessary for keeping or increasing strength. Which, of course, doesn't mean that your workout should degenerate in a steady state activity or pump training.

In fact, the term “repetitions” is not even properly used to describe intensity because their cadence can be different.

Stimulating the body to maintain or augment its protein stores is correlated with how many muscle fibers are used and fatigued during a particular set.

Using long protocols (pump training) would delay the fatigue, and your quickest-recovering motor units would be called back into play, which would spare the recruitment of the fastest-twitch fibers.

Research shows that using a protocol with a duration between forty five to ninety seconds will not allow this to happen. So that's what you should do.

Another reason for training the entire body is that you get used to progressively move quicker from exercise to exercise. And while keeping a faster tempo is not that important when you are still big and puffy, improving your cardiovascular apparatus will pay dividends later.

Keep in mind that the leaner you get, the more difficult will be to mobilize and keep burning fat unless you really jack up the catecholamine (adrenaline and noradrenaline) levels.

The take home message is that doing more exercise to lose weight fast is a mistake. Don't fall into this trap, and ignore the mainstream practice and advice such as enrolling in aerobic classes at your local gym.

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