Easy Ways To Lose Weight 

Here you will find some easy ways to lose weight and achieve your fitness goals without spending hours and hours at the gym or giving up your favorite foods.

You will find what really matters, and how to get in shape (and stay like that) almost effortless, which is vital for long-term lifestyle changes.

It's common to see well-meant advice such as how to relax and stop binge eating, but how applicable is that? (By the way, depending on the circumstances, stress may cause both: weight gain or weight loss.)

It has been estimated that over 95% of the people who lose weight gain it right back, which means that virtually all mainstream diets are nothing more than a source of frustration.

For the sake of novelty and commercial interests, these plans divert the attention to nonsensical details instead of giving simple solutions that can be followed consistently.

After a few months of struggle, most folks die on the vine because they deprive themselves of their favorite foods, train too much, and ironically realize that the expected progress is way below their expectations. 

Remember, simplicity and relevancy is the key here. So think about what little daily chances can give you the most results without feeling deprived, while investing the least amount of time and effort.

In other words, find easy ways to lose weight for long term success. For instance, do you think you would notice if you cut down 100 calories from any given meal?

I should probably mention that obese folks may want to go on a low calorie diet in order to kick-start the long term approach presented in this article. However, this should be done only for a short period.

The idea is to make little adjustments to your environment or create new habits that eventually become automatic behavior.

It's important to note that it takes approximately 28 days to break a bad habit and replace it with a good one – which may become permanent if the change is not perceived as a restriction of some kind.

If you feel more comfortable, you can even write down your compliance for some important behaviors, and see if you can make consistent checks for a month. Personally, I'm too lazy to do that. After all, that's why we are looking for easy ways to lose weight, right? 

My assumption is that you train intensely with weights, which doesn't have to take more than one hour a week. If not, this is a good time to start because you need to stimulate your body to keep or increase its muscle mass while fat is lost, or in other words improve body composition.

Doing any other type of exercise may be a mistake because the perceived effort is greater that the benefit. Remember, you need easy ways to lose weight, or otherwise your long term results are compromised.

For example, running or walking one mile would make you burn about 100 calories, which is not a trivial change if you diligently hit the treadmill a few times a week.

Instead, you can simply reduce calories by making small adjustments to your eating or drinking habits. You can start with the these 10 easy ways to lose weight, but I'm sure you can find more of them:

1) Replace 20% of starches with fruits and vegetables. In other words, you want to keep the same volume, but slightly reduce calories. Your stomach doesn't know how to count calories, so you will be sated and happy.

2) Put everything you want to eat on a plate before you start eating. If you take small bites from a tray or container, you will eventually forget how much you ate, and calories will add up. There is a delay of about 20 minutes between finishing a meal and feeling satiated, so chances are that you always tend to overeat.

3) Have a glass of cold sparkling water before your meals. This will make you feel fuller, and eat less. You could also add some lemon to your water in order to further inhibit appetite. 

4) Choose less processed carbs whenever the taste doesn't make a big difference. You will feel full longer and your energy levels will be more steady. (I personally prefer stone ground bread instead of puffy white bread.) I don't have to remind you to avoid any sugary sodas, right?

5) When taste implies lots of calories, eat your favorite foods around workouts. You need simple sugars to maintain a proper training intensity anyway, so this is your golden opportunity to enjoy decadence.

6) If you really feel like having a calorie dense snack, try to distract yourself by redirecting your thoughts to something else. However, if the anticipation of pleasure (which fuels dopamine) is stronger than your will power, being distracted is bad because it may prevent you from stopping until the whole box is finished.

7) Use smaller plates. Your serving size will look (and feel) bigger for the same reason that your little Elvis looks so small beneath your belly – it's just an optical illusion.

8) When you reduce calories, protein intake should be kept steady or even increased in order to avoid muscle loss. Also, protein is more satiating, and has a bigger cost of digestion than carbs or fat. Along these lines, avoid any drinkable protein supplement such as shakes or smoothies because they have a much smaller effect on appetite than real foods. Also, stay away from any protein bars because they are nothing more than an overpriced chocolate with some added protein, but with a much crappier taste.

9) If you drink, stick with dry wine or spirits with diet soda. (My favorite drink is ice cold rum with diet 7up. Try it!) Also, you may want to pour your booze in a tall, slender glass rather than in a short, fat one – this optical illusion is very strong because our brains have the tendency to over focus on the height of objects at the expense of their width.

10) Choosing the healthier version of some foods means more calories in your stomach if you don't keep an eye on how much you eat. Ironically, many people concerned about their physical appearance end up being fatter, and food manufacturers are well aware of this fact. So these products are marketed as easy ways to lose weight, but in fact they screw you up.

These are some easy ways to lose weight that can make you burn fat without even noticing that you put less calories in your mouth. You probably won't be on the next Men's Health issue's cover, and getting in shape may take a while. But it doesn't really matter as long as this process is effortless. You will get there, and this is more important. So what are you waiting for?

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