Best Diet To Lose Weight

If you are looking for the best diet to lose weight, you could pick any fitness magazine (or I should say supplement catalog) or search online, and you would find tons of diet plans that promise quick results without almost any hassle.

However, dieting is not always a bed of roses, especially if you are a normal person like me, without great genetics or an optimized metabolism. 

My guess is that we are in the same boat. Otherwise, you wouldn't read this article anyway. You are not like that guy, hated by everybody, who seems to eat everything in sight and still look in shape. So the way he eats is not necessarily the best diet to lose weight.  

If you want outstanding results, there will be a hassle, and you should know that from the beginning. The question is what diet and exercise plan can give you the best outcome for your efforts?

If you read the myriad of standard dieting programs available, eventually you would notice a pattern. They are just too general, and don't provide valuable solutions for long term success.

It's always the same tired recommendation that you may know already: low to moderate carbohydrates, low to moderate fat intake, higher protein, weight training and cardio.

It should be noted that some of these suggestions such as limiting carbohydrates in order to optimize your fat burning metabolism are just ridiculous, especially if you are still overweight. Or they contain false or outdated information about certain hormones such as cortisol

Therefore, you should filter all this bullshit, and apply the factual information according to your particular situation and goals.

Don't get me wrong. I have no problem with a simple advice as long as it works. And it will work for a while because any non-retarded diet that prescribes a slight calorie deficit and enough protein will give you some results.

But you don't want just some results; you want the optimum outcome for the energy and time invested. Otherwise your success will be short-lived, and at some point you'll go back to your previous habits.

Keep in mind that there is no best diet to lose weight that can be applied indiscriminately.

If you are obese, and think that the best diet to lose weight means being preoccupied with perfectionism, you need to calm down. Really, this is when 20% of your attention to detail should convert into 80% of the results. 

At this stage, things are rather simple. You need to set up a larger calorie deficit in order to lose weight faster. This is important from a psychological perspective because it will keep you motivated.

I don't recommend any traditional cardio because it doesn't make any damn difference if you still have lots of body fat to lose. You would die on the vine for nothing.

When you approach the maintenance level, your diet should be different. You should pay more attention to your carb cycling around workouts in order to restore leptin levels.

Overall calorie deficit should be lowered or eliminated, and dieting should resemble more to a sustainable lifestylewith no draconian limitation of any macronutrient or particular food.

Strength training is mandatory, and you should continuously strive to improve your body composition (maintenance doesn't mean that you can get lazy).

Cardio is not required because it's not a productive way to burn calories, and you would just get a peripheral adaptation which it's not needed (unless you are an athlete, and that specific movement pattern is used in your sport).

The final stage is when (or if) you want to get ripped for a particular event such as a contest, photo shoot or what have you. In this case, your diet and training should be adjusted because getting rid of the last ounces of fat requires a different approach. 

Unfortunately, when desperately trying to get to single digit body fat, most people usually end up losing up to 1 lb of muscle for every 3 lb of fat. Lamentably, they conclude that without drugs it's impossible to get a wicked set of abs.

Others find that fat loss stops long before reaching their goal. Or they add lots of body fat trying to build some lean mass. Unfortunately, that's how our bodies work and adapt.

Where calories are going or are coming from (fat tissue or muscle) when you are eating is called partitioning, and this becomes a real issue at the final stage of your dieting process.

By this time, if you really know what you are doing, 80% of the struggle will probably give you 20% of the results. However, it's all worth it if your objective is important to you.

So the best diet to lose weight should be very specific to your circumstance and genetics.

It should also include a realistic maintenance plan because you want to be in shape for the rest of your life. Otherwise, don't even bother with any diet.

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