Welcome to Ripped Abs Plan

If you want the ripped abs of a competitive bodybuilder, or simply want to lose some extra body fat, this website is for you.

My endeavor is to provide you solid, science backed information, so you can get the very best results for your efforts. 

Let me tell you something...Getting in a great shape may be easier than you may be led to believe. But you need the right information and know how to put it into practice.

Here you will find the most productive training and nutrition strategies that will transform your body in a matter of weeks. And yes, you'll finally see your six pack abs.

Ripped Abs

Without spending countless hours at the gym. Actually, with the right kind of training you don't need more than 1 hour a week for best results. Yes, only one hour. I will show you how.

Without doing any boring cardio. Traditional cardio is not an efficient way to lose weight, so why should you do it? Just because other people do it? 

Without any “plate du jour” kind of training such as Pilates, core training, zumba classes...you name it, which are outright crap and a total waste of time.

Without sacrificing your favorite foods. And by the way... If you decide to follow most of the mainstream diets (the list is too long to name them here), your results will be close to nothing. 

Once you understand the principles of proper nutrition and training, and learn how to apply them practically in your own life, you'll discover just how simple the whole subject really is.

There is no mystery and everything is based on human physiology. You will know how to eat and train, so you can achieve whatever fitness goals you have. And of course, see your ripped abs.

To your health,

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